How to Sell Semi Truck Parts to Large Operators

When you run a business selling Semi Truck Parts, it’s crucial to know your target market. While you can network with mechanics and construction companies to generate leads, you should also target large equipment operators. To help you reach your target market, here are some of the most popular categories of truck parts. These categories are Brakes, Batteries, Exhaust, and Suspension. You can learn more by going to Shift Products Areas Served Across North America.


There are two basic types of suspension systems for semi trucks: mechanical and air. Mechanical suspensions are the most economical and durable option for vocational trucks. They are mainly used in logging and the oil field, while air suspensions are suited for vehicles that need to maintain a more stable and comfortable ride. Both types of suspensions have their advantages and disadvantages. In the following paragraphs, we discuss the differences between mechanical and air suspensions and their various advantages and disadvantages.

Shock absorbers are an essential part of the suspension system. They absorb shock and ensure the truck’s smooth and efficient drive. Spring-loaded trucks are used to travel over rough roads with heavy cargo. For this reason, they need high-quality suspension parts that are durable and reliable. Suspension parts can be made of different materials, including leaf springs, coil springs, and torsion bars. Here, we’ll explore how these parts function and what they do for a truck.


The air brake chamber is a major part of a semi truck’s braking system. It converts compressed air energy into mechanical force by connecting to the slack adjuster and brake camshaft. This torque forces the brake camshaft to separate the braking shoes. The brake shoes in turn apply friction to the brake drum, slowing or stopping the vehicle. Different types of brake chambers come with varying effective area.

In order to determine when brakes need to be replaced, semi-trucks are fitted with built-in indicators that can tell when they need to be replaced. Other parts of the braking system that need to be replaced include drums, springs and bushings. Check the pressure of the brake shoes before use and when the truck is running to make sure they are at least sixty pounds per square inch. At sixty pounds per square inch, they should be replaced.


Choosing the correct semi truck exhaust system is an important aspect of maximizing fuel efficiency. The muffler is a vital component of a semi truck’s exhaust system, as it cools the exhaust gases, reduces noise, and reduces fuel consumption. This part of the system is an important element to both short and long hauls. To adjust the sound of the muffler, drivers can use exhaust tips or resonators.

If the exhaust pipe on your truck is damaged or worn out, it could significantly reduce fuel efficiency. Damaged exhaust pipes can make the engine work harder than it should, and they could even put the driver at risk of inhaling fumes. Purchasing high-quality exhaust parts will help extend the life of your truck and improve its performance. Make sure to replace worn-out exhaust parts during routine maintenance checks. Once you’ve made the decision to buy new parts, you can get the job done quickly and easily.


The need for heavy-duty batteries is evident in many industries, from earthmovers to dump trucks and crawlers. The battery must provide maximum reinforcement and power that won’t quit, no matter how rough the terrain. Fortunately, there are a variety of batteries available for these applications. Batteries from Alliance Truck Parts are designed to provide the necessary power. A battery is important to a semi truck for a number of reasons.

When shopping for truck batteries, be sure to consider your truck’s temperature and the recommended CCA rating of the battery. Although many people assume that a higher CCA rating means a better battery, this is not always the case. Batteries with a higher CCA rating are only useful in colder climates. The battery life of your truck will be significantly reduced if the temperature is too high. Enersys has several options for batteries for semi trucks.

Suspension parts

In addition to ensuring that tires are kept in solid contact with the road, a diesel truck’s suspension system also ensures proper weight transfer and handling stability. If any part of the truck’s suspension fails, the truck will experience uneven tire wear, hard turns, and noise when going over uneven surfaces. If any of these symptoms sound familiar, it may be time to replace the suspension part. For fast and easy service, contact a commercial truck suspension repair service in your area.

A good suspension system is essential to a semi truck’s efficiency and smooth riding. The semi truck must be able to handle rough roads and carry heavy cargo, so it’s important that the suspension parts are durable and reliable. Suspension parts for semi trucks include shock absorbers, air springs, and equalizers. Regardless of the truck’s make or model, a good suspension system is vital to a smooth, safe ride.


Purchasing new tires for your semi-truck is one of the most important steps to maintain its performance. A well-maintained set of semi truck tires will last a long time and provide smooth, safe rides for you and your cargo. Additionally, well-maintained tires will allow your truck to get more miles per gallon. Before you purchase new tires for your semi-truck, you should know how to properly choose the right ones.

When purchasing new tires, make sure to read the tread wear indicator on the sidewall. This indicator will become more noticeable with time and will indicate when the tread wears down. If the indicator reaches full, it is time for a new set of tires for your semi truck. In addition to this, check the sidewall aspect ratio, which measures the height of the sidewall from the rim to the tread. Larger numbers indicate that the sidewall is taller than the tread. Smaller numbers indicate the sidewall is shorter.

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