Topographic Surveys

Regardless of the nature of your project, Topographic Surveys Leicester can provide valuable insights about the land in question. After all, knowledge is power, and having the correct information at the earliest possible stage will benefit the project in many ways. In addition to identifying off-site features, topographic surveys can identify engineering difficulties and help you create robust designs. Additionally, they can give you visibility into the most suitable construction techniques, which helps you avoid costly mistakes.

Castle Surveys

Castle Surveys Limited is a geomatics surveying practice based in Ashby de la Zouch, East Midlands. Located in The Heart National Forest, the practice provides professional geomatics surveying services. Our geomatics surveying services cover all aspects of land development, from urban and rural development to forestry. We offer professional and cost-effective geomatics surveying solutions. Read on to learn more. We provide geomatics solutions for business owners, developers and local authorities.

To keep up with changing market conditions and customer needs, we are constantly expanding our service offerings. We are particularly interested in building surveying, topographic land surveys, 3D laser scanning, and existing BIM models. We are able to meet virtually any request from consultants. Our team of experienced surveyors provide a professional, reliable service to a diverse range of clients. If you need a survey company to take on the next big project, contact us. We’re looking forward to working with you!


When you need accurate land surveying, you should work with a topographic survey company. The services provided by these companies will provide you with the information you need to get a better idea of the land that you are planning to develop. This will help you to make more informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes. The services of topographic survey companies Leicester can help you achieve the best result possible. With a topographical survey, you will receive the exact information you need for your project, from where you’ll build the development, to what kind of land you’ll have to work with.

Land surveys are a crucial part of development. They help property developers determine the boundaries of their developments. They also provide information on potential obstacles, hazards, and obstructions, helping them avoid costly mistakes. Land surveys help property owners determine the boundaries of their properties, provide historical documentation of previous development, and act as valuable evidence in land ownership disputes. These surveys are also important for architects and engineers, as they provide them with the information they need to create accurate plans for construction and development.

Ratcliff Land & Engineering Surveys

Ratcliff Land & Engineering Surveys offers a wide range of topographic survey services in Leicester, including a topographic survey for planning applications, measured building surveys for compliance with building regulations, and river section surveys for hydraulic modelling. These surveys are provided to a pre-agreed specification within a specific time frame. The firm also provides setting out services for a range of projects.

The cost of topographic land surveys varies greatly depending on the type and extent of your site. Typically, this service costs between PS300 and PS600 per day. Depending on the level of detail you require, you should specify the area’s extent and other specifications when receiving a quote. This will save both the surveyor’s time and money. Alternatively, you can supply a detailed list of your requirements to a surveyor.

MK Surveys East Midlands

Leica Pegasus-Two is a mobile mapping system that acts just like any other public vehicle. Its innovative features enable the collection of high-resolution data remotely while driving. Using the Pegasus-Two, MK Surveys can provide customers with high-quality, accurate data, without having to leave their work site. MK Surveys is an independent surveying firm based in Milton Keynes, England.

MK Surveys East Midlands topographic survey companies provide a range of professional measurement services, including topographical, building, underground utility, and adoption surveys. Their comprehensive range of services also includes 3D laser scanning, mobile mapping, and underground utility surveys. In addition to topographic and building surveys, we also provide a full range of professional measurement services, including 3D Laser Scanning and BIM (Building Information Modelling) and GIS data collection.

MK Surveys

If you are looking for a surveyor in Leicester, then MK – the name of the company – can provide you with the services you require. Established in 1972, MK Surveys is a highly regarded and independent survey company with offices throughout the country. Due to this, they can offer you a cost-effective service throughout the country. Whether you need a topographic survey or building survey, a land survey can help you determine the boundaries of your project, as well as any differences between the initial design and the actual foundations.

The cost of a topographic survey in Leicester will vary, and depends on the level of detail that you need. The time spent on the survey will also play a role in the price. To obtain a quote, you should get in touch with a surveyor in Leicester to discuss your project requirements. Alternatively, you can visit one of their offices to get a quote for your project. The office will be happy to meet with you and provide you with a quotation.

MK Surveys Leicester

MK Surveys is a leading independent survey company based in Leicester. Established in 1972, MK Surveys is one of the most respected independent surveying companies in the UK. With offices across the country, MK Surveys can provide a cost competitive service to customers throughout the UK. Their services range from topographic surveys to building surveys, underground utilities to GIS data collection. The company also offers a wide range of other surveying services, including adoption surveys.

Topographic surveys provide important information for land use, planning and construction projects. They can help identify hazards and obstructions, and uncover hidden dangers. Topographical surveys can also help avoid costly mistakes by helping to avoid these issues. Land surveys help to define property boundaries, provide evidence in land ownership disputes, and are essential for creating an accurate representation of site conditions. Additionally, topographical surveys are an essential tool in determining the location of neighbouring infrastructure and potential restraints on project boundaries.

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