Tips For Keeping Your Grill in Good Shape


Aside from keeping the grill clean, you should also prevent it from rusting. This will keep it looking good and working properly for a long time. Listed below are some tips to keep your grill in good shape. You can also try Flame-grilling and using a plank to grill your food. If you follow these tips, you should be able to grill delicious food every time. And remember, grilling is fun! Just be sure to use the right grilling technique for the occasion. Learn more at Soup Sports Grill.

Indirect grilling

If you are a fan of slow-cooked meats, there are several benefits to grilling indirectly. While direct grilling is ideal for foods that cook quickly, indirect cooking is preferred for slow-cooked food such as whole fish, ribs, and poultry. Another benefit of indirect grilling is that you can peek into the food to check on the progress of cooking, which can add up to 15 minutes to the cooking time. Here are some tips for indirect grilling.

First, consider the food you plan to cook. For example, if you are grilling steaks, this method is perfect for them. It is important to remember that direct cooking does not produce an attractive golden brown color. In general, it is recommended to use a combination of both methods. Start cooking meat on the direct side and turn it once, to get grill marks, then switch over to indirect heat and close the lid until it has reached the desired temperature. This method is also known as reverse searing, since you can cook food on the direct side but see the results from the indirect side.

Double-sided grilling

Double-sided grills are versatile and convenient kitchen appliances that reduce the holding time of your products. These appliances feature programmable controls that help you control both the cooking time and the temperature of the lower plate. This feature helps you load different recipes onto your grill so that you can produce consistent menu options. However, there are some drawbacks to double-sided grilling. Read on to learn more about the advantages of double-sided grills.

One of the biggest benefits of double-sided grilling is the ability to reduce the cooking time by half and increase yield capacity by up to 50%. Customers will appreciate the fact that they won’t have to wait long for their order to be prepared. Besides, double-sided grills also allow for even cooking temperatures, which ensures consistency in your products. Whether you’re cooking a steak, chicken, fish, or vegetables, double-sided grilling can help increase your yield and improve your overall productivity.


The term “flame-grilled” refers to products that are grilled over high heat. The effect of the flame depends on the ratio of fat to protein in the product. Flame-grilled products may not be uniform in color, but their charred edges give them the traditional char-grilled look. This method is also used for a number of value-added food products. Let’s look at some of the benefits of this technique.

Open flames are common in Mexican cuisine. This method of cooking produces a clean, unique flavor. Baja Fresh chefs must ensure that steak is pink inside and fish is moist. To achieve this unique flavor, they use natural gas flames, which is more efficient than using electricity. But flame-grilling grilling requires a learning curve. Flame-grilling is a great option for home cooks looking to create a unique and authentic flavor.

Using a plank

One of the advantages of using a plank when grilling is that you can use a wood plank in your oven. If you use a drip tray on the lower rack, you can place a soaked wood plank there to add a smoked flavor to your food. Another great use for a wood plank is in the microwave. If you want to prepare your food in advance, you can simply microwave it in a covered dish for a few minutes.

First of all, soaking your planks is essential. Soaking the planks in alcohol adds moisture to the wood, which helps slow the burning process. Soaking them also allows the wood to smoke and flavor the food more effectively. Another benefit is that they can be weighed down to ensure that they stay completely submerged. After the planks are soaked, simply drain the excess liquid and wipe them dry with a paper towel.

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